Basic Hegel The First Session

Hi all,

We had our first session in the new BH-series: Basic Hegel.

For those of you who have missed it, I wanted to make the recording available. I’m not sure whether you can already download the recording, but you might view it on using the link here: That was an option to be included later in the development of the site.

So this could be another way to do it. I am hosting that file on You can download it from there. It’s a big file, 22 MB even though it is zipped. It runs immediately and will give you the full recording, audio and visual.

Now that recording is not edited, so you might want to skip around a little to get to the good bits.

The link is found here:    BH-series class 1 dialectics.exe

Please tell me if this works and what you think of the format, the file download and the session itself.

Bye for now.

And don’t forget the Friday session about the Philosophy of Spirit at 7 PM GMT.

See you then.



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9 responses to “Basic Hegel The First Session

  1. Mats Eklof

    Hi Robbert,

    question about the file format for
    The link is found here: BH-series class 1 dialectics.exe

    Is this only for PC? I only have Mac running here presently. I will test it later, so I will let you know if it works.

  2. Mats Eklof

    It seems to be only for PC.

    I could try to get a PC if you don’t have it for Mac.


  3. I’ll get back to you, I think there is also a Mac option somewhere in this system.

  4. Alas, alas, only for PC. And no direct downloads for students yet. I will think about a solution. Maybe there are other systems that are compatible with Mac.

  5. Mats Eklof

    I recorded the BH-class during the session on my mp3 recorder through the loudspeaker of the computer. The sound is breaking up but I get the most of the session sound.

    The problem with only viewing on the Wiziq site is that I can only have one class in my computer at any time and my modem is not so fast to download.

    Your introductory presentation of Hegelian dialectic in this BH-session was very helpful to me. I am now able to read the first pages of “Science of Logic” first chapter by Hegel.

    Question on Logic:
    Next semester I am studying an introductory course in Symbolic Logic at the University. The text book covers (in Swedish):
    Satslogik (propositional logic)
    Klasslogik (which must be close to Set theory; a glimpse of Russell’s paradox )
    Relationslogik (reflexivitet, symmetri, transitivitet, ekvivalens, ordnings-relationer, funktions-relationer)

    The emphasis is on Predicate logic.

    What is the relation of all this to Hegel’s Science of Logic (being, nothing, becoming etc.)?

  6. Mats Eklof

    I should add that the quality on the Wiziq site is first class. Both sound, and text on whiteboard and chat.

    The only not obvious trick is that you have to be patient and let the whole class play one time first during download before you start to move around in the class and find the place that you actually want to listen. That is because the playback during download (for viewing) does not allow you to turn off the playback until it has done one complete playback. Not a big a problem though.

  7. Formal logic is in essence an artificial language that allows us to study the abstract nature of the quantifiable aspects of language. It asbtracts from everyday experience and all content. Hegel’s logic is in essence a ‘grammar of metaphysics’, dealing with those concepts and structures that express the world and our experience of it.

  8. arnout

    heb jouw bh sessie afgeluisterd
    je noemt thesis etc formeel in de negatieve zin
    maar ook hegels dialectiek een vooruitgang t.o.v. Plato omdat het een formele methode is,wat verwarrend

  9. arnout

    it should be possible to run windows programms on a mac, you have to download something from the internet to make that possible

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