Boring Anselm


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4 responses to “Boring Anselm

  1. It didn’t work out as I wanted, but you get the picture…

  2. Merve

    lol Really cool. Just like the class, I agree with the man.
    But why is it the woman who’s bored with philosophy?:)

  3. Next time I’ll reverse the roles….. Promise!

  4. Merve

    Thank you:) But I hope next time we won’t have a person in our class who have no idea which class he’s in. I’ve witnessed these kind of strange attitudes at other wiziq classes too. It’s annoying for the students as much as it’s for the teacher. We sometimes turn down our friends, family to attend a class we’ve registered, but we may end up wasting our time thanks to a person who hasn’t bothered to read the class description. Anyway, it’s really amusing to see how you could turn a rude remark to a scene to show those who find philosophy boring, how they sound to you. Really amazing:) By the way I’e been listening to the recording of the Anselm class. I know nobody would care what I think, but I will still say it: His arguments really make sense.
    Thank you,

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