Hegel Courses Online | Newsletter 2011 – 1

First of all: a very Happy New Year to you all!

And I certainly hope that one of your New Year resolutions has been to follow the Hegel site with even more attention than you did last year.

Cosmetic changes

After the short Christmas break we have been working hard to find a better theme for the site.  We removed the header, changed the page layout, moved the menu to the sidebar etc. etc. we were trying to make the site as transparent as possible.  We want it to be easy to navigate and to let you find the content you are interested in without any hassle.  But of course all of that takes up time that we cannot invest in making videos and articles.  And ultimately the latter is more important than the former.  As everyone knows who reads Hegel, the exposition of the truth is more important than the display case.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Now we are moving swiftly to the real work.  We made some decisions about that.  By the way, I’m saying we and that is not rhetorical. For a while now I have had the invaluable assistance of Phil Jourdan, who has been contributing both to the structure of the site and to its contents.  You can find him now under the authors section on the right sidebar. Others like Merve Eksioglu and Arnout Augusteijn have been so kind to share their ideas about the usefulness of the site with us.  Thanks to them this site is still up and running after a year and we are still highly motivated to continue improving it.

As I said we made some decisions about that.  First of all we found that most of the readers of this site are interested in the Phenomenology of Hegel.  So that is our major topic for this year.

What are we going to do?

We are going to do it like this:

  • The basic Hegel series will be focused on the philosophical terminology.
  • There will be a series of videos and texts in the reading of Hegel series.
  • The forum will be the place to discuss all other topics concerning Hegel as well as Immanuel Kant.

The Hegel Courses, dealing systematically with the whole of the phenomenology, or the logic, or the philosophy of right etc. will move to the members section. We have a members section because we want some of the work we do here to be shared only with a group of committed people. We think that a monthly contribution is an important symbolic affirmation or pledge of that commitment.  So for just $10 a month you will have access to a whole new range of videos, courses and books. We are working hard to produce at least two new videos a month for the members section.

What about the classes on WIZIQ?

This site evolved from the courses I gave at the WIZIQ site. We are going to change the setup a little bit.  Twice a week we will have a public course.  On Thursdays we will have the basic Hegel series dealing with all sorts of topics. On Fridays we will continue the slow reading of the phenomenology.  We are doing  2 to 3 paragraphs a week and the recordings will be made accessible after some minor editing.

For the paying members of the site there will be a full Q&A session connected to the most recent video or text, but will also allow for interaction.  We are scheduling that session on Thursdays as well, but we will adapt if we find that any other time during the week is preferable.

The forum

as I pointed out in one of the more general introductions to the site, I think it is highly important to study philosophy within a community of sorts.  My aim has always been to provide the foundation for such a community to develop.  The forum is the second pillar of this edifice besides the lectures at WIZIQ. I very much hope that you will start participating in the forum.  Get to know one another, ask your questions, no matter how simple or complicated they are, whether you are a beginner in philosophy or a fourth-year student.  We very much like to hear from you.


Another way to participate  is to add your comments to the site.  Feel free to do so in whatever manner you like.  And if you have a topic that is not addressed on the site, just send in a request and I will see what I can do.  My philosophy of education is based on my reading of a now probably forgotten East European philosopher called Ivan Illich. He was the author of a book called Crisis in the Classroom. He envisioned a system of education where teachers and students formed a community with common interests that was driven by curiosity and an eagerness to engage in dialogue.  That is what I set out to construct here.  So my invitation stands: let your self be heard, join in, join the Fun!

May the spirit sublate all your contradictions and reconcile any opposition in your life!



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4 responses to “Hegel Courses Online | Newsletter 2011 – 1

  1. error234

    I might just not be the best computer person, but I didn’t manage to enroll myself for the upcomming wiziq classes (didn’t even find them). Maybe a help or general information section in the forum for technologically challanged people like me could be a good idea…

  2. Phil


    Do you have a wiziq account? If not, that’s a first step — they’re free. My profile link is http://www.wiziq.com/philhegel.

    Click on that and you will hopefully see the links to the Hegel classes. If not, let me know.

  3. Error234

    Thanx phil, but Robbert Must have Read my comment too, he Sent me an invitation to His classes on my wiziq account. Worked like a charm, Tanks too all of you


  4. I did! I found you were already part of the network, so it was easy to include you in the Hegel List on wiziq. Hope you can make it this week.

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