Chaos at Hegelsite

Running a Hegel Site is a lot of work. A LOT OF WORK. I began to understand how much it really is when suddenly I didn’t have the time anymore. I took my exams last week, studied for them exclusively for three weeks and after the exams which nearly exhausted me I had to make up for a lot of lost time on my various jobs and then I realized that the Hegel Site was there too. Waiting. The list of Things To Do had grown into a mile of paper.

Apologies are lame, but well, I do owe them. I announced my good intentions over and over again and then had to cancel wiziq sessions, didn’t make video’s, didn’t produce the analysis of chapter 2 of the Phenomenology.

Oh dear….

So what’s the situation now? I’m preparing my move to the other side of the country, am finishing a series of lectures on Jewish literature, The Zarathustra by Nietzsche and doing a course on NT history. And I’m reading Hegel again.  Yes, really…

No promises, but if things work out I will be doing some amount of teaching again starting this week. It’s a bare minimum, but things will be more cheerful after March and April. 6 weeks of chaos. But the site is still alive and active.

Thanks for your patience! Many of you have written to me about the delays and cancellations. You have been nice. This week on Friday we will have another session on wiziq. 7 PM GMT: reading Hegel. Chapter 2. Hopefully we can get back some of the momentum.

As for the Premium Members, I will do my best to catch up. You have suffered the most from this time of chaos. Stay tuned!

Hopefully this is the last of my unphilosophical postings, for a long time any way. Back to Hegel!


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3 responses to “Chaos at Hegelsite

  1. Graeme

    Just don’t yourself out man. That a daunting workload you have there. We all appreciate very much your time and effort!

  2. WYate

    I think I speak for everyone when I say I am tremendously grateful for what you do here and perfectly understand you have other responsibilities with prior claims on your attention (though I didn’t realize how many!). You provide a wonderful and unique resource for very little recompense, and we all have a much better understanding of Hegel than we would do without it. Besides, Hegel isn’t going anywhere; the Phenomenology will still be right here when you have a chance to get back to it.

  3. Phil

    Robbert — get in touch with me if you need help again with the site. After the 27th I’m much under a lot less pressure to do other things and can devote my time to helping you run things again.

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