A Conversation about Hegel’s Philosophy of Right – par 41 and Miscellanea.



Some Remarks about Hegel’s System As a Whole

The Encyclopedia of Philosophical Sciences is Hegel’s summary of the whole of philosophy. It is quite meaningless to try and summarize Hegel system in a few notes. But it might be helpful to have a raw sketch of it. Continue reading “Some Remarks about Hegel’s System As a Whole”

The Preface: Introduction to Method

We have skipped the preface to the Philosophy of Right to get to the good stuff as soon as possible. I have assumed that readers of the PhR already have at least some idea of Hegel’s methods – dialectic, speculative thought, the difference between reasonable and rational thought etc. But of course many will be tempted to have a go at the interesting analyses of the PhR without this understanding. You might be totally bewildered by the way his analysis moves forward. Continue reading “The Preface: Introduction to Method”