Basic Hegel The First Session

Hi all,

We had our first session in the new BH-series: Basic Hegel.

For those of you who have missed it, I wanted to make the recording available. I’m not sure whether you can already download the recording, but you might view it on using the link here: That was an option to be included later in the development of the site.

So this could be another way to do it. I am hosting that file on You can download it from there. It’s a big file, 22 MB even though it is zipped. It runs immediately and will give you the full recording, audio and visual.

Now that recording is not edited, so you might want to skip around a little to get to the good bits.

The link is found here:    BH-series class 1 dialectics.exe

Please tell me if this works and what you think of the format, the file download and the session itself.

Bye for now.

And don’t forget the Friday session about the Philosophy of Spirit at 7 PM GMT.

See you then.



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The Highest Notion in Hegel’s System: Philosophy of History

What is Hegel’s philosophy ultimately about? My answer to that question involves a reading of the structure of Hegel’s philosophy as a whole.

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The Basic Premise of the Philosophy of Right #1

1. The philosophic science of right has as its object the idea of right,  i.e.,
the conception of right and the realization of the conception.

Hegel’s social philosophy does not consider the social life in its fullest sense, but only in so far as it is expressed in social institutions or more specifically in institutions of right. It is after all an exercise in the realm of the objective Spirit – i.e. the sphere of reality that the human free will gives itself.

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Basic Hegel Course added to WIZIQ

Dialectics, Spirit, nature, synthesis, self-consciousness…what does it all mean in Hegelian Philosophy?

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The Reality of the Spirit – Encyclopedia par. 453

Encyclopedia par. 453

In this paragraph Hegel beautifully states the principle that our concept of the (absolute)  Spirit is totally congruent with and even identical to the reality of the Spirit. The philosophy of the Spirit cannot just be a subjective understanding that refers to a reality called Spirit, nor can it be part of the institutions of social reality or Objective Spirit. It is the free self-expression of Absolute Spirit – and that self-expression is precisely the reality of the Spirit.

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Why Reflection on the State is Intrinsic to the State: a Minor Point

The introduction to Hegel’s philosophy of Right in 1820 aims at establishing social philosophy as a speculative science about Law, social mo­­ra­lity and the state. His approach is dialectical in many ways, but particularly in the way he understands that the position from which one reflects is in this case necessarily part of the object.

This is the first draft of an article about the shape of Hegel’s social thought.

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The Philosophy of Spirit as Concrete Selfknowledge


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Gnoothi Seauton! Know thyself!

Hegel‘s understanding is, that concrete self-knowledge cannot be empirical and cannot be an emopirical knowledge of humanity. My character and psychological properties define me as an individual, but that’s not who I truly am. I am in essence a human being, I participate in humanity which defines who I truly am and that means that I need to understand the universal conditions of my existence to reach an adequate self-understanding.

All of this is already present in the opening paragraph of section III of the Encylopedia of Philosophical Sciences, #377.

I made a series of podcasts explaining this. The first one is a video an can be found here:

The others are mp3 files and can be found here:

Enc 377 part 2

Enc 377 part 3

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