Hegel Courses online

Announcement on the upcoming season of Hegel classes on wiziq.


Hi, Robbert Veen here,

I have been teaching Hegel on the internet for a while now, at www.wiziq.com. On this site I intend to continue doing so, making my work on Hegel more available.

If you want to know me a bit better, I also got a personal blog at WordPress.com.

Some of my texts on hegel are available at http://www.scribd.com, e.g. this one is about Slavoj Zizek and Hegel.

As you can see, the site is still under construction, but I hope to build it up over the next two weeks. So please return and take a look.

In the mean time, every friday evening at 8 PM (European time) I will lecture on Hegel at http://www.wiziq.com, starting from friday, april 23d.An introductory class will be held at friday 16th. Get information here.

Check it out!

Three logical syllogisms

At the end of the Encyclopedia, Hegel explains the structure of his System in three brief paragraphs. Most often these paragraphs are read like this: the first syllogism refers to the System as a whole. The second to subjective idealism, as executed in the Phenomenology of Mind. And the third is a structure of a philosophy that Hegel never wrote. That view is now to be discarded.

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Hegel's system of thought and the Preface to PhdG

It seems obvious that the phenomenology of mind is the first part of the system of science, and was supposed to be continued by a second part containing logic, and a third part containing the philosophy of nature and spirit. It seems equally obvious then, that the preface to the Phenomenology, with the title of scientific knowledge, would be the preface to the system as a whole.